Lamb Charm - enameled sterling silver

$ 30.00

 Adorable!  Handcrafted sterling silver lamb charms with fluffy white fleece and enameled details.  So cute they look like they've just come in from the meadow.

These cute little lambs are 1/2"w x 3/8" h.  We make them as earrings too, in three versions: all white (romney); black face + legs with white fleece (cambridge / suffolk / hampshire down) & of course an all black sheep which is enameled on face - legs - fleece.  (Our all white lambkin is not shown in this photo, it has a white face and fleece with no enamel at all) .

We use a quality sterling silver cable chain for these bracelets.  Pricing is with one charm soldered on the center of a 7 1/4" bracelet.

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