Leather Bracelet with Sterling Silver Fern Clasp

$ 95.00

Delicate ferns sprout up under sturdy pine trees softening the forest floor seem to be nature's jewelry.  It's a surprise to see their dark green fronds peeking through the snow in the Spring.  We added 3/8" wide flat leather to our Sterling Silver Fern castings to create a comfortable bracelet that can be worn year round!
We use only the best top quality leather for flexibility, comfort and strength.  A quality sterling silver "swivel" lobster clasp is soldered to one end. 
There are three standard sizes we carry, but we can make any length you need.  7" is small, 7 1/2" medium and 8" is large.  (Medium fits most average size women)
To find your size, measure your actual wrist with a piece of string, then add 3/4" to that length.  Adding any less than 1/2" to your actual wrist size will end up fitting too snugly like a watch.  We recommend a slightly longer length so that it will drape down over your wrist slightly.  Feel free to call us to talk this through if you have any questions.  518-523-9212

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