Blue Heron Charm

$ 40.00

Our Sterling Silver Blue Heron Charm stands ¾” high (also available in solid 14kt Gold).  The photo shows his side and back (tail feathers) view, it's fully 3-D!

The tall, long-legged Great Blue Heron is one of the most magnificent water birds in the world.  They are often seen standing perfectly still near a shoreline with a graceful, statuesque poise.  Herons are a joy to see in flight, often resembling prehistoric pterodactyls.   Averaging 4’ tall with a wingspan of 5-6’, yet only weighing 5-8 pounds it’s truly amazing that this bird can cruise up to 35 miles per hour!

Whether it’s for yourself or a gift, Sterling Silver or 14k Gold, this Heron Charm will be adored by any bird watcher.  You'll agree, our Heron Charm is incredibly detailed, each feather carved in detail.  Wonderful Nature Jewelry!

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