Flyfishing Creel Necklace - Sterling Silver

$ 115.00

Although the classic Fishing Creel no longer serves a utilitarian purpose in today's world of 'catch & release', it is still widely recognized as a symbol of this gentleman's sport.
Our intricately carved Sterling Silver Creel Necklace is a wonderful conversation starter.  Details on all sides, top and bottom resemble tightly woven split willow, it also has a front closing buckle and a rear carry handle.
The lid is hinged so it can open and there's also a small hole to drop your fish in, nothing has been overlooked!  It's a perfect size measuring: 1/2"h x 3/4"w x 1/2"d
The texture of our Sterling Silver Creel has been darkened/antiqued to bring out the intricately carved details.  However, we do not antique our 14k Gold Creel unless requested.  For a smaller version about half the size, see our Fishing Creel Charm in our Charms Gallery.

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