Moss Bracelet - sterling silver

$ 180.00

 Sterling Silver Moss Bracelet

Differing sizes of randomly placed silver granulation create a plush and opulent texture.  The dark background patina brings this intricate texture into focus.  My moss inspired jewelry is not intended to be a literal interpretation, but what moss looks and feels like to me.  It reads as lush soft moss sparkling with early morning dew drops.   The silver beads really sparkle and catch the light nicely.

Moss has a humble existence and velvety rich elegance at the same time.  Our Sterling Silver Moss Jewelry is made and designed to be worn every day.

Our Moss Bracelet is available in five lengths.  The standard medium size Moss Bracelet measures 7 3/8" in length.  We have 4 additional sizes in 3/8" increments (larger or smaller) for a perfect fit.  The castings are solid sterling silver, very strong and durable.  They have a slightly dapped shape which forms around your wrist comfortably.  A quality sterling silver lobster claw is soldered on for security.

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