Loon Necklace - sterling silver

$ 65.00

All three of our sterling silver loon necklaces have the signature spotted feathers and band of stripes on their necks.  It's these intricate details that set our Loon Necklaces apart from others.
-Small Loon (far right) 3/4" wide  This is the same Loon we have as a charm.  It's solid and fully 3-D, we use it for earrings too.
-Medium Loon (far left) 1 1/8" wide  The Med Loon is 2-D, it has a flat back.  We also make lapel pins with this loon.
-Large (center) 1 1/4" wide  We've hollowed this 3-D loon making it comfortable to wear.  It's fully reversible with details on both sides.
Our chains are made in the USA, simply outstanding quality.  They have lobster claw clasps, all links are silver soldered for strength.

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