Lg Fern Necklace - sterling silver

$ 105.00

The Large Fern casting itself measures 1 1/2" in length, 3/4" at it's widest area.  The Fern is soldered so it hangs off center, at a slight angle.  There's an alluring beauty in nature's delicate details, each petal is intricately carved.  It's a nice size and makes a statement.

The standard lengths for our Lg Fern Necklace are 17" and 20".  Use the drop down field to select the length you prefer.

The double link chain creates a dynamic, light-catching look.  It's 1.7 mm wide and has two round links for each section giving it added strength.

All connections are silver soldered for durability.  All parts we use are made in the USA.

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