Pine Cone & Fern Jewelry - Full version with 13 sterling castings

$ 95.00

Our Sterling Silver Fern and Pine Cone Earrings measure are 1 1/4" in length.  The fern is a separate casting, attached with a ring so it moves freely below the cone.  This gives the design a little movement without becoming too active.

The standard length for our Sterling Silver Fern and Pine Cone Necklace is 18", but we can add extra chain or castings to lengthen it.  All connections are silver soldered for lasting strength.  The Double Pine Cone links have been darkened with an antiquing solution to bring out the details.  There are 7 Fern and 6 Pine Cone Links for 13 total castings.

See our matching bracelet and shortened necklace version which has fewer castings for a more affordable price point.

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