Western Bison / Buffalo Charm - sterling silver

$ 45.00

Let our Sterling Silver Buffalo Charm take you back when these noble beasts roamed our Western plains. The Buffalo jewelry, classic symbol of the American West!

Note the Buffalo's characteristic massive head and large high hump.  Long, shaggy hair falls from it's shoulders and front legs.  Female buffalo also have horns, but theirs are shorter, more slender & curved than the males' horns.

We've tried to carve it's details as realistically as possible for our Silver Buffalo Charm, as nature jewelry should be.  It is 5/8" high at the tallest point (from the front hoof to top of hump), 7/8" wide.

We do not currently stock our Buffalo Charm in 14k Gold, but would be happy to quote the price at today's gold market rate.  There is a 2-3 week lead-time to cast / polish & finish a 14k gold Buffalo Charm.

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