Cedar Bough with Moss Aquamarine & Green Garnet Necklace

$ 165.00

Our Sterling Silver Cedar Bough Necklace has gemstones added for a spark of color.  Look closely and you'll see tiny fragments of moss inside the larger blue gemstones. Similar to Amber these 'imperfections' give the Moss Aquamarine a more natural look and feel.  Our jewelry is based on nature so a perfect lab-grown stone just wouldn't look right!

Three Tiny Green Garnet faceted beads dance around the top of the Moss Aquamarine. 1 1/4" length  Necklace has a total length of 17" including the Sterling Silver Weddingband Chain.

This necklace has matching earrings and also can be mixed & matched with our original Cedar Spray Jewelry Line.

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