Sugar Maple Leaf Charm - sterling silver

$ 45.00

Our sterling silver Maple Leaf Charm is approximately 1" tall, about the same size as a dime.  There's an alluring beauty in its delicate nature, we carved both sides of the leaf with intricate details.

Unquestionably, the Sugar Maple ranks among the finest of American forest trees being both useful & beautiful.  It brings us sap for syrup in the Spring, shade from the Summer sun, and brilliant colors in the Fall.  Some leaves first glow in red which deepens into crimson, others appear to flame in yellow, darkening to orange.

The Sugar Maple Leaf Necklace has an quality 18" sterling silver chain (wheat style) with lobster claw clasp, earrings come with sterling silver french wires.   This beautiful piece of nature jewelry is 100% made in the USA.

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