Pack Basket Charm

$ 50.00

Our Sterling Silver Pack Basket Charm is modeled after Jim's grandfather's.  It has a traditional round "belly" that bows out just slightly, shoulder straps and a harness.  Flip it upside down, you'll even see its feet!  We've fashioned this historical Adirondack item into a unique piece of jewelry. 

Pack Baskets are one of the oldest surviving Adirondack traditions dating back to the mid-1800's when they were used by guides to carry heavy loads.  I think of them as the original back packs.

It measures 1/2" h x 3/8" w.  We "antique", darkened the finish to bring out the woven details.  The necklace comes with a quality USA manufactured sterling silver chain, all parts are soldered for strength & durability.

The earrings are available with either sterling silver lever-backs (shown in photo) or sterling silver french wires.  Lever-backs have a steel spring that securely holds the hinged back closed making this style more secure & comfortable while french wires are an affordable (and very popular) alternative.

Also available in solid 14kt Gold, pricing is based on current Gold Market.

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