Sm 3-D Moose Charm

$ 40.00

Our Sterling Silver Moose Charm is beautifully detailed with broad antlers, a large muzzle, thick fur, and even a dewlap hanging from it's throat.  Moose are a member of the deer family and are one of the largest mammals in North America.  They live in forested areas where there is snow cover in the winter and nearby lakes, swamps, streams and ponds.

We now have two different Moose Charms available.  This charm is smaller & fully 3-D.  Here's a link to our larger Moose Charm.  click here

This 3-D Moose Charm measures:  1/2" l x 1/2" h   Fully 3-D!   We also make it as a necklace & earrings.

We can cast a solid 14kt Gold Moose charm, it takes 2-3 weeks and pricing varies based on the current gold market.  Please call or email us if you are interested!

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