Spruce Pine Cone Charm

$ 40.00

Sterling Silver Pine Cone Charm has the open petals flared out slightly giving them a playful feeling.  You'll like the way the two jump rings allow movement in all directions.

Available in either solid 14k Gold or Sterling Silver, this Pine Cone Charm is wonderfully detailed and hand polished to perfection.  They are strong, solid, and 3-D like an actual  pine cone in nature!  Not flat on the back or hollowed out.

Our matching earrings and necklace are ideal nature jewelry, eye catching, versatile and comfortable so you can wear it every day!. The Spruce Pine Cone Charm (without either of the two jump rings) measures 1/2" x 1/2".

These Spruce Cone Earrings look great with the Sterling Red Pine Pendant if you're looking for another option for a matching set.

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