14k Gold Pine Cone Jewelry

$ 350.00

These 14k Gold Pine Cones are created from actual cones we collect,  transformed into solid gold using the technique of lost-wax casting.  Each cone is truly unique, we try to match them as well as possible for earrings. 
They are sorted into 3 sizes (large - medium - small).  These photos on green backdrop are of the large pendant and medium earrings with hand-made spray.  Three earrings side by side are of Petite - Small - Medium.  Another photo shows the Small Necklace next to Petite Earrings.
Prices vary based on the current gold mkt and the weight of the finished casting.  Call for availability.
Earrings are available with or without the hand-forged 14k Spray, which adds $40 to the pricing.  The necklace shown above has a hand-made bail (part that the chain slides through).  We can substitute a cast bail for $40 less.

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