Shuttle Earrings - sterling silver

$ 100.00

The simple elegant form of a weaving shuttle is timelessly beautiful!  Our hand crafted sterling silver Shuttle Earrings are based on a boat shuttle design with smooth 'duck nose' ends.

We've tried to keep every detail accurate and precise.  The open bottom allows you to see the threaded bobbin shafts on both sides as well as through the elongated eyelet on it's side rail.

Our Shuttle Earrings measure 1 1/8" h x 1/8" w x 1/16" thick.  We make them in three versions: Antiqued (B&W); Blue Enamel and Red Enamel all are the same price of $95/pair.

We also offer this small shuttle as a necklace and a larger necklace too!  Pricing is slightly higher for the enameled (colored) versions.

Click here to see the Large Shuttle Necklace page.

Click here to see the Small Shuttle Necklace page.

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